About Pammu

“I figured out I was happier when I was traveling alone. Because when I’m on my wheelchair, I have no limitations.” ~ Parvinder Chawla

An ardent believer in god with a faith of meeting angels of God wherever I go. I believe if I can then why not others. I am on a never-ending journey of making impossibilities turn into possibilities. I no longer care what happens, I just take things as they come. I am on a mission to re-discover myself and to complete the unfulfilled passion of traveling and living my life on my own terms. The only partner I have on this journey is my Wheelchair. I am #breakingthestereotypes by traveling the world solo on my wheelchair!

I want to travel to every country possible in this world and would love to take you along via my travel diaries and blogs. Do follow me to be a part of my journey and see this world through my wheelchair and eye.