Bham Bham Bhole – The Hidden Gem

You surely have missed this one…
Manikaran On the way to Manali is where Manu seems to have recreated his human life. Manikaran is known to many for its hot Springs. it is a beautiful place known definitely to the treckers, the Sikh community as there is a Manikaran Sahib Gurdwara and to the Hindus because of the Garam Kund Mandir (the hidden gem). I am sure trekkers and other tourist who have visited this temple might have missed this amazing Shiv/Bhole Shankar statue. You have to know it exists because it is very easy to miss it and even if you know about it you have to wait patiently to get a glimpse of it, as there is a big kund (pond) of steaming hot water where they cook the prasadam. The steamy smoke of the hot spring water hides the statue…
 I visited there with my cousins and when the smoke closely started to clear up and we were waiting for more than half an hour, our anxiousness grew and we discovered the Statue.
Here is the video and snapshot of the Statue which mesmerised us and left us awestruck


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